Human rights consist of different rights and freedoms. They can be thematically divided in two main groups: civil and political rights and social and economic rights. However, all human rights are interdependent and interrelated. Deprivation of one right may also adversely impact the enjoyment of others.

Civil & Political rights

Civil and political rights primarily protect individuals from state power and unjustified interventions in their lives. They basically ensure that you can live safely within society and participate in public life. Therefore, the State has to protect and ensure full respect for all civil and political rights.

Economic & Social rights

Economic and social rights guarantee that every person is afforded the conditions under which they are able to meet their basic economic and social needs. They are very closely related to our well-being. States must take all the necessary steps to fully realize the economic and social rights.

However, in some instances protecting and ensuring these rights requires a lot of resources, which certain States might not have. The lack of resources though does not entitle these States to passivity and endless procrastination. The States have the duty to protect and ensure these rights to the highest standard possible within its means and must show willingness to progress towards better protection.

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