What is family?

A family is the relationship between a parent and a child. A factual or formalised personal relationship between two partners is a cohabitation or a marriage. Both these personal ties (relationships) are protected by the right to private and family life.

Most of us have grown up together with one or both of our biological or adoptive parents and our siblings. Some of us have even lived together with three or four generations of family members. You may now have established your own family.

Human rights protect close personal ties (the relationship) between you and your family members. This right is called the right to a private and family life. It is crucial to understand whether your relationship with other persons equates to a family or a cohabitation, or marriage, otherwise it will not be protected by the right to a private and family life.

About this section

In this section, you can learn how family ties can evolve between persons and what the concept of “family” means nowadays.

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Last updated 23/04/2021