The Ombudsman (Varuh človekovih pravic - in Slovenian) is a state institution responsible for safeguarding human rights.

How can it help you

Information regarding human rights

If you wish to receive advice from the Ombudsman's office regarding safeguarding human rights, you can submit your question to, call 080 15 30 or visit the office personally (by making an appointment beforehand). 

Complaints about violations of human rights

The Ombudsman can investigate complaints about potential human rights violations and determine whether your human rights have been violated. Read more about the complaint procedure.


  • Protecting the rights and legal interests of a person in case of human rights violation
  • Evaluation of compliance with human rights requirements under existing and draft legislation
  • Raising awareness in society and educating about human rights standards and protection mechanisms 

More information & Contacts
080 15 30

The Ombudsman’s Office
Dunajska 56
1000 Ljubljana

Last updated 04/02/2024